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We provide and ensure the highest quality service in order to maximize our clients earning potential for the duration of their playing career and beyond. We specialize in personalized attention offering our services 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our worldwide network of contacts and partners offers a professional and comprehensive service to all of our clients.

“We wonder if there is a common motive or muscle shared by women who are pioneers. (…) They have been on journeys to places only they could imagine and frequently encountered people who said they would never get there, These stories of setbacks, and these women often credit the people who tried to stop them as a motivating force.”

(Gibbs, Nancy, Time Magazine, September 18, 2017: p48)


Miami, FL – US HQ

15901 Collins Avenue Apt. 3601
Sunny Isles Beach,
FL, 33160

Soccer is the fastest
growing sport in the
world. In the U.S.,
Major League Soccer
(MLS), is expanding
teams across the
country rapidly
bringing the
industry to a rise
for future

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Avenida Figueroa Alcorta 3351,
Palacio Alcorta Barrio Parque,
BsAs – Argentina

It should come to no
surprise having an
office in Argentina
where most of the
soccer talent is
derived from. Our
location is in the
city of Buenos Aires
which hosts the
largest Argentinian
Soccer Clubs.

Asuncion – Paraguay

World Trade Center
AvenidaAviadores del Chaco
Asunción, Paraguay

A key location is
Asuncion given
offices as well
as the talent
that has been

Madrid – Spain

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Coming Soon



Our comprehensive approach targets every need a professional soccer player may have creating a perfect environment for our clients to feel secure and looked after. We do not see our clients as business transactions but as a member of our family.


SR All Star Sports Management has established the utmost trust and respect through its clientele for successfully negotiating several multi-million dollar contractual agreements through hardline negotiation which serves both its client and the partner.

Our success in attaining these contracts on behalf of our athletes is a result of our careful preparation, experience and commitment to our Clients.


SR All Stars specializes on shaping our clients image to the public eye. Our team works hard to cater and generate positive publicity surrounding all events, branding and media to each individual athlete. We are constantly working 24/7 to maintain the reputation of the client and the organizations image respectively:

• Social Media
• Partnerships & Endorsements
• Public Appearance
• Social Responsibility


Every sport is unique with its own rules and regulations, earnings profile and variable career span. With over two decades of experience in wealth management, our CEO is well equipped and knows the industry inside out.

We believe everyone should have a financial plan. No matter where you are in life, or how much you are worth, if you do not have a plan you could end up with a very different future than you expected.



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HQ Miami

598 Golden Beach Drive, Golden Beach, FL, 33160, United States

Buenos Aires

Avenida Figueroa Alcorta 3351, Palacio Alcorta – Barrio Parque, BsAs, Argentina


World Trade Center Asuncion – Avenida Aviadores del Chaco, Asunción, Paraguay


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