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Lionel Messi Featured
Lionel Messi could be the Missing Piece of the MLS puzzle   Beckham, who retired from professional football after a very successful career in the world’s most coveted teams (Manchester United, Real Madrid, Paris St Germain and LA Galaxy just to name a few), announced in 2013 he would form his own team. Just to add some context...
Soccer and Technology Carlos
Soccer and Technology
Soccer and technology were two subjects that would be rarely named in the same sentence until last year. On June 2016 the International Football Association Board approved Video Assistant Referee’s (VAR) trial and it is mainly used to review goals, penalties and straight red cards. This is one of the first big and serious efforts to bring technology into soccer. Thereafter it started to be tried in the United Soccer League...
VAR, Good or Bad
Is VAR a good or a bad thing?
The next move in the world of football/soccer was that addition of the VAR. This came up not too long ago but some federations and confederations still not make this change. Adding this new feature clearly involves more costs to each game, which is not easy or simple for many; however, some of the most important leagues in the world did add this feature.