SR All Star Sports Management has established the utmost trust and respect through its clientele for successfully negotiating several multi-million dollar contractual agreements through hardline negotiation which serves both its client and the partner.

Our success in attaining these contracts on behalf of our athletes is a result of our careful preparation, experience and commitment to our Clients.

The CEO and her team, carefully enters each negotiation armed with an invaluable accumulation of knowledge involving each party to plan the negotiating strategy. SR All Stars management has been able to develop an array of industry contacts with the respective Players’ Associations, front offices and coaching staffs, which have proven to be a tremendous benefit when trying to maximize an athlete’s compensation.

As with so many things in life, the ability to conduct successful negotiations comes down to four key ingredients: experience, commitment, respect and loyalty.

We collectively apply a concept to negotiations, which takes advantage of our experience in developing a strategy and executing it to serve both parties on the table. In every case, however, the client plays an active role and has final approval of the actual goals and plan.


SR All Stars specializes on shaping our clients image to the public eye. Our team works hard to cater and generate positive publicity surrounding all events, branding and media to each individual athlete. We are constantly working 24/7 to maintain the reputation of the client and the organizations image respectively:

• Social Media
• Partnerships & Endorsements
• Public Appearance
• Social Responsibility

Media outlets can be daunting with selected wordings that we may deem unfit, therefore, we come to protect our athletes from any given negative connotations perceived to the fans and followers. To best address the concerns, our team of publicists work as family to our clients to best preserve their image and reputation. What hurts the clients hurts our image and we would do all that is within our capability to face the obstacles head on.

Social Media

We live in a digital era where social media platforms are the greatest way to influence and bring awareness to the general public. Our pro-athletes are followed by many and can make a difference on various topics such as health, education, environment, sportsmanship and more. Not only does it allow our athletes to share important information and connect to the masses but it also supports businesses with their branding and image. Athletes alone cannot reach the highest stage with just talent alone, they must be marketable through content and strategy of through their reputation as well.

We believe that the universal applicability of a professional athlete allows for a coordinated marketing plan to work in almost every corner of the world. An athlete’s positive image can work to repair or increase the overall image of a company or product. Social media can both reach the places that traditional forms of advertising cannot and are vastly effective in real time with an unlimited reach.


Partnerships with entities and/or sport and community groups collaborate to share knowledge, services and/or facilities for collective benefit. We work together with national and global stakeholders, to offer awareness and spread positive messaging to influence targeted market and fans.

We develop partnership guidelines which provide an overview of the collaborative process and understanding of each step of the partnership strategy and/or campaign. As no two projects are the same the ultimate objectives and development strategy will differ for each partnership.

At SR All Stars, we work to achieve the best forms of collaboration with reputable organizations to serve our clients. We base these collaborations on a good relationship both short-term and long-term agreements. To succeed in doing so, we do an indepth research of the sponsors marketing strategy to understand the five key areas that would be aligned with that of our clients. The five key ingredients are:


Govern relationships between athletes and independent sponsors. These contracts are designed to allow sponsors to use an athlete’s name or image in advertising in exchange for additional compensation. Endorsements we acquire for our athletes is based to reflect their personalities and reputation at hand. All endorsements are to follow and be legally aligned with the sport rules and regulations.

Public Appearances

Allow athletes who choose to appear at public functions such as events, conferences, universities and other for compensation. The terms of such appearances and the requisite compensation rates are established in these contracts based on the event type and purpose.

Social Responsibility

As an integral part of our clients’ image; social responsibility is vital. It encourages our athletes to be more aware of their impact on society. Its focus can be wide ranging, addressing issues such as education, health, equality, environment, and the importance of sportsmanship. Professional athletes are great influencers that are followed by a wide array of fans giving way to positively impact through leadership, sportsmanship, and ambition.

We seek and encourage to look beyond the scope of just our own communities but extend to support the global community as football is a world-wide sport. “Corporate global citizenship” has become a buzz term used to describe this process. It allows the athlete to be engaged with the stakeholders at home but also alongside governments and civil society around the world uniting for a common belief to benefit for the greater good. It is crucial to give back to society and must be deemed obligatory by the power given to each influencer followed on the global scale.
We work to support local and international communities with our athletes to elevate the impact and importance of becoming a better human whether through the mentioned issues in our world today; education, health, equality, and environment or other important issues we tackle in everyday life.

Wealth Management

Every sport is unique with its own rules and regulations, earnings profile and variable career span. With over two decades of experience in wealth management, our CEO is well equipped and knows the industry inside out.

We believe everyone should have a financial plan. No matter where you are in life, or how much you are worth, if you do not have a plan you could end up with a very different future than you expected.

Working alongside the clients, our team of expert financial planners will analyse teach individuals current situation, explore aims and aspirations and help determine exactly what it is each client wants to achieve now, and in the years to come.

As a trusted adviser, our team will assess every aspect of your financial circumstances, including clients’ cash assets, investments, pensions, property, shareholdings, and income and liquidity needs. We will also take the time to get to know their financial personality and their appetite for risk, how they feel about volatility, what kind of investments is preferred, whether short term or long term. In particular, we can help ensure their money is working as hard as it can for them, and identify and forsee any potential problems.